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Welcome to SteviaInfo

A website completely dedicated to providing comprehensive information about the wonder herb Stevia, its origin, uses and its benefits. This site takes the initiative to provide almost accurate and legitimate information about stevia and its association with allied industries as per its utility. Stevia is slowly unraveling its basket of wonders and mystiques as modern science studies its characteristics and properties.

Having reported existence way back even in 1500s, it was researched only in the late 19th century. Now with almost half of the world having approved of its use, Stevia is pegged to be the 'next gen' mainstream sweetener, having carved its prominence in almost all the industries wherein a sweetener finds its usefulness.

Having multiple beneficial characteristics – this multi utility herb commands its precedence in as diverse products ranging from juices & beverages to Skin Care and Hair Care products. From cookies & health bars to medicinal syrups and anti obesity concoctions. Known for its importance as a Sweetener, it is equally beneficial in oral healthcare and in cure for diabetes.

We shall keep you briefed with all information and news as to how modern science is slowly unfolding the vast array of treasure that this wonder herb has in store.
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